How to choose sleeping pills

Every year, the number of people who buy sedatives and sleeping pills increases. The increase in consumption of this group of drugs is due to the high pace of life, political and economic instability, and stress. All these factors have a negative effect on the nervous system, causing mild disturbances or various nervous diseases. Today calming drugs are prescribed not only for adults, but also for children. Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry pays great attention to the safety of medicines. If you want to buy these drugs, you can do so at

Groups and mechanism of action

Calming medications are complexes that have a sedative effect on the CNS without a sleeping effect. Drugs for insomnia are designed to facilitate the process of falling asleep, to make sleep strong, deep. Today, the pharmaceutical market is widely represented by effective sedatives and sleeping pills of 4 generations. Along with the latest developments in the pharmacies of the country you can buy sedative medicines of the first generations, which have proven themselves as good means, strengthening the nerves and normalizing the function of sleep. These include drugs based on:

  • Barbiturates – these are the first generation of sedatives that improve the nervous system, reduce excitability, and speed up falling asleep.
  • Benzodiazepines – they have fewer side effects and are more quickly eliminated from the body. At the same time, they have an effect on the nerves that is similar to that of barbiturates.
  • Z -drugs – they are represented by only 3 drugs.

These groups of sedative medications affect specific receptors in the nervous system, which are responsible for sleep and the speed of signals passing through the nerves. Most medications have a combined effect. They are mild sedative and hypnotic compositions. This factor should be considered when choosing, especially for those people who need to be in a collected, awake state throughout the day.

The fourth generation of sedatives differs significantly from the previous 3. They act directly on melatonin synthesis and its receptors. These are strong complexes for insomnia with minimal side effects. They have a selective action. Since melatonin is produced at night, this group of drugs increases the sensitivity of the receptors to the active substance, and in the daytime it has no effect. There is also a drug for insomnia of the 5th generation. It has already passed clinical trials and will soon appear in pharmacies. 

Not only synthetic substances have sedative properties. In the rating of sedative drugs are complexes based on herbs. These sedatives are the safest, have a significant list of indications and positive consumer reviews. Patients most often buy herbal and traditional complexes. However, medics are concerned about the fact that consumers buy positions of group N05C M several times more than the prescriptions of doctors were prescribed.

Nerve-soothing drugs also include antidepressants, tranquilizers and neuroleptics. However, even weak drugs can cause addiction and dependence, so the treatment of stress, nervous breakdown and insomnia should be addressed by a specialist. It should not be forgotten that uncontrolled use of sedatives and sleeping pills leads to addiction, overdose (especially liquid forms), violation of the course of therapy and the development of side effects. 

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