What do you need to know about the handyman service

Handy Kith handyman is an indispensable helper in the home. Handy Kith handyman is a new, rapidly gaining popularity service. In this article we will tell you a few words about it. Specialist can help to create comfort and fix minor breakdowns. Have you long wanted to hang a shelf in the bathroom? In any apartment there are a few tasks that you have long wanted to solve, but “hands do not get”, maybe you just do not have enough time, or you do not know how to fix one or another breakage. By calling a qualified specialist, you can solve all your problems in one hour! The handyman is a service for everyone. This service is relevant both for single women, and for large families. In today’s world we spend so little time at home with family, so let’s use it productively. 

You can watch TV with your family after work or play with your children. And, of course, don’t think about modern taps, nailed skirting boards, wobbly sockets. Masters of wide profile are also in demand when it is necessary to eliminate problems in the apartment of elderly parents or grandmothers. Sometimes handyman service is ordered by owners of cafes, shops and office premises. How do I choose a specialist? We recommend that you order a specialist from an official company. With this approach, you will get a guarantee that a hired worker will come to your home, not an outsider from the street. Of course, there are decent people among private performers, but it may cost a lot of money to find them. Leave the job to the professionals.

A job that’s done 

What a master can do: 

  • Connect and repair home appliances; 
  • Installation of cornices, slopes, skirting boards; 
  • Plumbing work; 
  • Repair of interior space (tiles, wallpaper, plaster); 
  • Repair and assembly of furniture; 
  • Services of an electrician. 

The cost of a call to the employee

Payment is made by the hour. It is paid at least one hour, each subsequent hour is cheaper. Master by the hour is a reliable assistant in all domestic situations. Addressing the specialists – you are guaranteed to receive timely assistance at home and polite communication, as well as qualitatively performed work, calling the master home to fix and eliminate the malfunction, you save your time, at least somehow guarantee the repair of this or that device.

When ordering a craftsman, you should know exactly what service you are asking for. Describe your task correctly and in a few minutes you will already receive proposals for its fulfillment, discuss the terms and cost of the service with the performers. It is very convenient, first of all, everything happens quickly, safely, because the company employs proven people, and it is profitable, because thanks to this service the client saves up to 50 percent of the cost of services. In addition, there are people working here who are very responsible for their work. Because most of the people who work here are proven people.

First they pass a standard registration, then they fill in a questionnaire, where they indicate their personal data, their professional profile, they pass online testing, they get acquainted with the rules of work on the website, they pass a video conference interview with an employee of the company, all documents are checked by a camera. And only after that the person gets a work permit. Then a more organic check works. That is, after each task the performer receives an assessment and feedback from the client, that is, his rating is the arithmetic mean of all ratings. If one day he does a bad job, then no one else will assign him any work.